We collect and offer a wide selection of artworks in our Gallery. Our artists and their works can be found at the „Artists“ section.

You can find smaller artworks here, from various fields of arts and crafts. Their sizes and and prices makes them affordable, still a unique present for loved ones, colleagues or partners.

OUR OFFERS:  please scroll down for the details of each  

  • For offices and companies 
  • Presents for Weddings or anniversaries
  • Ceramics, patch-works 


EXCHANGE:  if you are are unsatisfied you can exchange the artwork/present for another artwork in the same price range.


For offices and companies

If you are looking for something more than the usual pens wit logos and other boring promotional products you will find special surprises at our place. Instead of the usual predictable products you can find special and unique presents. We have a stock of artworks with matching parameters, in case it is important to give a similar present to more colleges or partners. We offer pictures to decorate offices as well as gifts to your colleagues and partners. These pictures are about work, but in a different light. These docorative pictures can enchance the working environment.

More size is available from these artworks. The prices start from 10.000 HUF. Find all the available pictures on the Artists page. 


Feszt László: Communication                                         Kulcsár Ágnes: Mediterran landscape                       



Feszt László: I am saved                                                   Feszt László: Meeting



Feszt László: Relations I.                                                 Feszt László: Mandala II.


Presents for Weddings or anniversaries

These pictures depict togetherness they illustrate how can two people be entwined and complete each other. Or they can even „bring in“ the happyness to their new home. 

More size is available from these artworks. The prices start from 10.000 HUF. Find all the available pictures on the Artists page.


Feszt László: Always and forever                                     Feszt László: You and Me



Feszt László: Man and Woman Buddha (Unitiy                      



Feszt László: Motherhood                                                      Feszt László: Family with child (Serie: Wedding, Two and three childs families), Két és Három gyermekes család)         


Ceramics, patch-works



 Zsoldos Edit

  • Handkerchief-keeper: 3.000 HUF
  • Others: 5.000 Ft



Ajtai Tamás 

  • Figures: 3.000 Ft 
  • Boxes, bowl: 20.000 Ft



Kun Éva service and pictures

  • Service: 350.000 HUF
  • Pictures: 100.000 HUF 


  • Boxes: 30.000 HUF