Gallery 010 has been representing known as well as lesser-known but exciting artists for 15 years, in order to help the artworks to find their desired homes on walls and shelves.

The gallery is located just 15 minutes from the city centre where parking is always easy.

Although it is opened by appointment, it guarantees that you will be in the centre of attention. You can take your time to enjoy the artworks and be our guest for a café  that will make your stay even more pleasant.

You cannot find all the details of the artworks - we are working on this, but until we finish with the uploading of them, please contact us is you interested in any artwork in this site! 






Gallery 010 was established in 1996 by electric engineer, Gyula Somogyi. The name of the Gallery refers to his training; 010 is a binary code. Nothing-something-nothing in the field of arts would mean that between two disappearing era something; - the artworks - (can) remain. Before establishing the Gallery Somogyi was a keen collector of stamps (as graphic works) and contemporary art. He obtained his framing qualification in 1995. The changing of his carreer was hugely influenced by the writings of Carl Gustave Jung. Therefore the works in his collection and in his Gallery  can be linked to Jung in one way or another. They refer  to archetypical situations in the path of life and depict these with symbols taken from various cultures and presents these with different artistic styles.  His  selection of artworks is not dominated by current trends. What is common in them is the uniqueness, refined quality (skillful execution) and intellectual depth. That’s why they represent an ethernal „something“ between two „nothing“.